CRI Candidate Resources, Inc.

This is the beta testing site for our new Applicant Management System (AMS).   

There are some major differences in how this site was built, and the platform it is running on from all of our previous systems including

  1. The applicant creates a profile which they can update.
  2. The system is fully configurable allowing for options such as: 
    • different applications can be created
    • creation of application questions is now done on the site and not preprogrammed in
    • multiple background vendors already integrated
    • adding custom referral sources
    • setting up if company is a federal contractor
    • placement of radio buttons for viewing jobs
    • adding ability to post to or CareerBuilder when they post a new job
    • ability to add assessments from list of all CRI assessments 
    • adding and editing of new pages including how they are laid out
    • adding images to be displayed on the pages
  3. Options for having Departments, Divisions, Districts, Regions, Zones, and assigning users access based on such 
  4. Does the company need DOT information asked?  that is available
  5. Do they need to ask about Professional Licenses?  also vailable
  6. Asking for personal/professional References is now an option
  7. Do they want a custom Terms of Employment instead of using the standard one built into the system?  That is an option and they can update at any time
  8. Do they need a requisition System?  This is also in the system

These are some of the differences.  You will see more as you explore the site.   

Since it is in Beta testing phase should you encounter an error please write it down telling me what you were doing with the information in the address bar and then email me about it.  However, one of the differences is that fixes have to be installed as software updates that i will manually do so they will be done no more than 3 times during any given day.

I am also looking at adding a few items that I may have missed so don't be surprised if new options appear in the admin menus.

Thanks for evaluating the software.

Miranda Johnson
Vice President Software Development