CRI is celebrating 55 years of providing HR related services to employers of all types and sizes across America. In the course of that business, the following opportunities are available that you may be interested in exploring.

About Candidate Resources, Inc.

   Candidate Resources, Inc., is a human resources company dedicated to helping employers attract, then screen applicants for job fit. Once hired, Candidate Resources assists leadership in the development of existing employees as they move up the career ladder. Additionally, Candidate Resources, Inc., provides HR tools and Career Direction resources to individuals seeking to determine what job is best for them.

   Candidate Resources, Inc., brings over 50 years of expertise and experience in pre-employment applicant attraction and screening services to its clients. Its nationwide and international clients span the gamut of large, medium and small companies in a myriad of different industries. It's main personnel assessment, the Achiever, has been widely used by business, governmental facilities, government contractors, educational facilities and associations for well over four decades. The company is based in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the middle of the DFW Metroplex, just 7 minutes south of the DFW Airport, with offices in 40 cities.

   Handling pre-employment aptitude and/or personality testing via the web today is simple, efficient and effective, with a profile of the individual immediately accessible by employers. Most of the company's clients and consultants use the company's virtual Human Resources center, Clients simply have individuals they wish to test log on to the site, enter codes which they are provided and complete the respective test. Then, the client company representative or consultant logs into an administrative site, enters specialized codes to access the results, reads and prints the results.

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